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One year from now, where will your business be, if you read 52 bestselling business books....?

We believe...

...reading business books is different for entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs read business books differently than most people. 
They are reading to find applicable tips for their own business
For every single chapter they read, they think: 'How can I use this to grow my business?' should only focus on 1-3 action items from business books
Most business books are written around 1-3 key ideas.

Business Book Academy finds these key ideas and makes them concrete and actionable. 

This means we share step-by-step implementation tactics like these (from the book The Speed of Trust): should structure your book learnings (and stop adding books to your Amazon wish list)
If you're like 99% of other entrepreneurs, you simply don't have the time to stay up-to-date for the latest business books. 
That's why we believe every entrepreneur should join a structured book-club. 

And of course, we hope it will be ours ;)

Is Business Book Academy for you?
  • You want to stay up-to-date for the latest business books
  • You want to structure your learnings
  • You only want (and need) the book ideas that are relevant for growing your business
  • You like real life cases

Our promise is simple: every week we give you actionable (and real life) tactics on how to implement the world's best business books. 
The focus of our tactics lies on getting more customers and building your brand.

This is what you'll get (52 weeks a year)

  • Short highlights of the book's key ideas that are applicable for entrepreneurs. 
  • Three concrete ways to implement the book, where we share practical advice on how to apply the lessons from the book
  • Real-life examples, where we share “copy-paste-tips” from real people and businesses
  • More learnings, where you can get bite-sized value if you want to take a deeper dive into the book-ideas

Sounds good? We have even better news: you can cancel every month, just by sending us an email. No questions asked.

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